Why study abroad? | 4 decisive benefits of studying abroad

Pursuing higher education overseas is a dream for many across the globe. It can truly be quite a transformative experience that can influence one’s career choices. Choosing a career revolves around a variety of factors, and an educational degree from prestigious universities from nations like the USA, or the UK for instance, can be a big plus. Besides, studying abroad doesn’t just have professional benefits but can also prove to be helpful on the personal development front. Some major benefits of studying abroad include: 

  • Knowledge :

Foreign universities have rigorous curricula for their graduate and post-graduate offerings. This ensures that the student experiences a vast range of concepts in the domain that they’re pursuing their degree in. It also helps in making informed decisions regarding one’s career trajectory. 

  • Flexibility :

Courses abroad allow for multiple modes of learning, to accommodate the students’ schedules around learning practically. Online instruction is also available for multiple universities abroad and can be availed in tandem with the regular classroom instruction mode. An added advantage is that most foreign universities do not have rigid structures with respect to timelines or the electives that can be chosen. One could be an Electronics graduate and pursue a Master’s in Computer Science, with electives of AI or Business Foundations. Moreover, the completion of your curriculum doesn’t depend on time but on the credits required. This can allow you to complete what would have been a 24-month course, in a mere 16 months.  

  • Networking :

Foreign universities usually make it a point to have a high degree of diversity on campus concerning backgrounds and cultures. This facilitates the all-round development of students with respect to social constructs and prepares them to be global citizens of the future. Networking also facilitates opportunities in the job sectors as many alumni make an appearance on campus every now and then. Universities also host a plethora of lectures/seminars and provide mentorship opportunities on specific in-demand subjects like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Student Experience:

Universities overseas are renowned for anticipating student needs and one of the best ways they’re implementing these changes is via incorporating AI in higher education. Organizations like iSchoolConnect offer AI-based products that universities use to personalize and enhance the learning experience for students. 

Several universities are designing AI-based conversational assistants that attend to students’ queries about their programs, application procedures, forms, financial aid, and campus experience. This not only expedites the communication between us and the university; but also provides the flexibility to do so on the move because such chatbots are accessible via web or mobile.

Moreover, universities are working towards personalized teaching methods by providing AI-based virtual classrooms, remote learning tools, remote proctoring, etc. These tools enable students looking to find ways of studying in a Hybrid (in-person plus computerized) environment, which has proven to be a boon during the COVID pandemic. AI tools not only help universities improve student experiences, but also help students get the best out of their education. iSchoolConnect has specifically designed these tools to assist students in writing better college applications by checking for sentence structure, grammar, and plagiarism. Some tools also help students prepare for visa interviews by facilitating mock sessions.

This being said, opting to study abroad without proper amounts of information and a direction, can be quite chaotic. Students should have a proper agenda set up before deciding to pursue a degree from a foreign University. They should also have a fair sense of what the course curriculum offers apart from just a degree. Factors like the location of the university, intake parameters, placement track record, etc. need to be accounted for. Does this sound like too much of a daunting task? Fret not, because you can visit iSchoolConnect’s website and learn in detail about universities in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and many more.

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