Steve Lacy’s Height: Separating Fact from Fiction

Steve Lacy Introduction:

Steve Thomas Lacy-Moya, born on May 23, 1998, is a talented American artist known for his skills in singing, songwriting, playing the guitar, and producing records. His journey to fame began when he became the guitarist for the alternative R&B group, the Internet, in 2015.

Steve Lacy Height

Steve Lacy possesses a charming demeanor that resonates with many. His complexion carries a rich depth, complemented by a warm undertone that adds to his allure. Wearing several tattoos, each one a source of great pride, he accepts them as an integral part of who he is. At a little height of 1.75 meters and a weight of 70 kg, Lacy has a seductive yet grounded demeanor.

Who is Steve Lacy?

Steve Thomas Silky Moya (Steve Elegant) is an American vocalist, lyricist, guitarist, and record maker. After joining the alternative R&B group The Internet in 2015, he rose to fame for his guitar skills. Quietly gaining popularity was his self-produced and well-received first EP, “Steve Lacy’s Demo” (2017). In addition, Silky collaborated on songwriting with talented artists including Kendrick Lamar, Chloe x Halle, and Solange Knowles. “Apollo XXI,” his 2019 debut full-length album, was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album. His second studio album, “Gemini Rights,” which featured the lead single “Bad Habit,” was released in 2022. Due to his impact, Time magazine recorded Fancy as one of the 100 most notable individuals on the planet in 2023.

Steve Lacy Wiki:

Full nameSteve Thomas Lacy-Moya
Famous asSteve Lacy
Date of birth23 May 1998
Age25 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signGemini
Place of birthCompton, California, United States
Current residenceCompton, California, US
Height in feet6’1”
Height in centimeters183
Weight in pounds152
Weight in kilograms69
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
FatherHarry Lackritz
MotherSophia Lackritz
Relationship statusSingle
EducationWashington Preparatory High School
ProfessionRecord producer, guitarist, singer, songwriter
Net worth$2 million
Facebook@Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy Age:

Steve Lacy was born in Compton, California, on May 23, 1998. The city is renowned for its rich cultural history. He is a perfect example of the dual nature of the Gemini sign as he is a versatile and adaptable professional.

In 2023, Lacy will be 25 years old, and he will proudly display his mixed-ethnic ancestry and American roots. His father is Filipino, while his mother is African-American; these factors have shaped his identity and artistic path, as well as his creative expression.

Steve Lacy Personal life:

Regrettably, Steve appears to be rather private when it comes to sharing details about his romantic endeavors with fans. The latest insight into this aspect of his life surfaced on Mar. 3, 2022, when Steve shared a now-deleted photo on Instagram. The image depicted him cozied up to an unnamed man, with Steve seated on his lap. However, the individual in question was not identified or tagged in the post.

Steve Lacy Family Background:

Thomas Lacy-Moya’s lineage is a rich tapestry woven with African American and Filipino ancestry. Raised predominantly by his mother, Thomas shared his formative years with his sister Asia Lacy, also known as Asiatica. His father was rarely present in his life; his visits were saved for important events. Sadly, Thomas lost his father when he was just ten years old, which devastated him.

Steve Lacy Career:

The soul music prodigy developed a passion for music at the age of seven. He gained experience as a guitarist by playing the Guitar Hero video game before playing an actual guitar. While in high school, he joined the school jazz band and met Jameel Burner, a member of the Internet band.

Steve produced his first songs using his iPhone, guitar, and iRig, a plug-in for his guitar. The band’s third studio album, Ego Death, which was nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, was the fruit of his producing work.

Consequently, The Internet revealed that its members would release separate projects. Steve featured on the members’ separate projects, namely Syd’s album, Fin, and Matt Martins’ album, The Drum Chord Theory. He joined Syd as lead vocalist on Hive Mind, The Internet’s fourth studio album.

He also produced Kendrick Lamar’s song, Pride. In 2017, he released his first EP, Steve Lacy’s Demo, using programmed drum patterns from Ableton Live and guitar and bass arrangements. He also used his iPhone’s built-in mic.

The band’s third studio album, Ego Death, which was nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, was the fruit of his producing work.

The American celebrity has co-written songs for artists such as Solange Knowles and Kendrick Lamar. He has since released more albums, such as Gemini Rights, Apollo XXI, and Lo-Fis. Notably, he recently performed his song Bad Habit at the 65th annual Grammy Awards 2023.

Steve Lacy Rise to Fame:

He was a skilled drummer when it came to Ableton Live, adding depth to his works’ sound design. In addition, he had a creative influence on writing and production, as seen by his work on Ravyn Lenae’s EP Crush, which was released in February 2018.

The year 2018 marked a pivotal moment as rapper YG revealed that Lacy’s production prowess extended beyond his trusty phone, embracing a wider array of musical equipment in his creative process.

When Lacy’s name was added to the production credits of Solange’s album When I Get Home in March 2019, it brought attention to his adaptability and willingness to work with others. Curiously, he additionally showed up in the music video for the melody “Sunflower” by Vampire Weekend around a similar time.

On December 4, 2020, the CD The Lo-Fis, a retrospective compilation featuring Lacy’s early musical ventures, was released.  Fast forward to June 16, 2022, Lacy unveiled “Mercury,” accompanied by an evocative music video.

It’s worth noting that the Spotify rendition, clocking in at 4:58 minutes, offers a more expansive sonic journey compared to the concise 2:30-minute version presented on YouTube.

Steve Lacy Net Worth:

As of 2022, Steve Lacy boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $35 million. His earnings predominantly stem from diverse streams, including revenue generated from Spotify, Apple Music, royalties, and various other sources.

Steve Lacy Relationship:

Lacy is seemingly single, as he has not disclosed his involvement in a relationship with anyone. However, the hip-hop star has come out as bisexual.

Steve Lacy’s Height: Separating Fact from Fiction


Steve Thomas Lacy-Moya, born on May 23, 1998, is a multifaceted American artist renowned for his singing, songwriting, guitar playing, and record production skills. Rising to fame as the guitarist for the alternative R&B group, the Internet, in 2015, Lacy has since made significant contributions to the music industry.


Despite varying reports about Steve Lacy’s height, reliable sources confirm that he stands at approximately 6 feet 1 inch (183 centimeters) tall. While there have been conflicting claims regarding his height, this figure is supported by credible sources and provides clarity on this aspect of his physical appearance.


Steve Lacy, also known as Steve Thomas Silky Moya, is an American artist celebrated for his musical talents and creative contributions. Born and raised in Compton, California, Lacy’s career skyrocketed after joining the Internet in 2015. His versatility as a vocalist, guitarist, and record producer has garnered him widespread acclaim.

With a rich ethnic background blending Filipino and African-American heritage, Lacy’s identity and upbringing have profoundly influenced his artistry. Despite his reserved nature regarding personal matters, such as relationships, Lacy’s openness about his bisexuality has been a point of discussion among fans and media alike.

From producing music on his iPhone to collaborating with renowned artists like Kendrick Lamar and Solange Knowles, Lacy’s journey to fame has been marked by creativity and innovation. Despite his success, he remains grounded in his roots and continues to push boundaries in the music industry.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Steve Lacy’s height?

Steve Lacy stands at approximately 6 feet 1 inch (183 centimeters) tall, as confirmed by reliable sources.

What is Steve Lacy’s ethnicity?

Lacy’s ethnicity is mixed, with Filipino and African-American heritage contributing to his rich cultural background.

Is Steve Lacy in a relationship?

Steve Lacy maintains a private stance on his romantic life and has not disclosed any current relationships. However, he has openly identified as bisexual.

What is Steve Lacy’s net worth?

As of 2022, Steve Lacy’s estimated net worth is around $35 million, primarily stemming from his music career and various revenue streams.

What are some notable achievements in Steve Lacy’s career?

Lacy’s career highlights include his contributions to the Internet’s music, collaborations with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Solange Knowles, and the release of his own albums such as “Apollo XXI” and “Gemini Rights.” He has also received Grammy nominations for his work.

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