Plagiarism Checker for Universities


It can be quite difficult and even near to impossible if you want to check plagiarism in educational content manually. This is an insane approach which is both time-consuming and an effort wasting job. In this four-minute article, we would list down some of the tools that belong to different websites and services. Modern technology and digitalization have made our lives easier, and we must know about the resources that can be helpful to us in different aspects of life. 

Plagiarism is a big menace, especially in educational institutes. Universities are the institutes that are point out in dire need of reliable plagiarism checker tools today. Plagiarism checker tools are not only needed by teachers but also by students as well. Teachers can use plagiarism checker tools to find out if someone is submitting copied work or papers with them and in the same way students can use plagiarism checker tools to ensure that the work they have created is free of all kinds of plagiarism as today students can often suffer because of accidental/unintentional plagiarism. 

Best Plagiarism checker tools for universities

There are around fifty plus plagiarism checker tools available on the internet, but not all of them are suitable for educational institutes particularly for students. In this short section, we are going to list out the plagiarism checker tools that can help both students and teachers in scanning work for plagiarism!

Plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools

The plagiarism checker tool by SmallSeoTools is one of the best free tool found online Almost every service offered by this utility site is reliable. Still, the plagiarism checker provides extra accuracy and security, which makes it among the most premium services. 

The working of this plagiarism tool is quite simple, and this is one of the reasons that this utility is on the top of the recommendation list. You have to open this plagiarism check tool on your browser. In the main interface of the similarity checker, you would see different input options using which you can easily help yourself in entering the research paper or assignment whatever you need to check for plagiarism. There are many interesting features of this tool which makes it stand out in this league, and the major ones are pointed out below!

  • This plagiarism detector can compare your input with more than billions of web pages.
  • This plagiarism tool accepts all kinds of file formats which is very useful.
  • You can check an unlimited amount of content daily with this online tool.
  • The rewriting feature of this plagiarism checker can help students remove all kinds of duplicate content from their work!


This plagiarism checker is also a cloud-based tool that works on any device having a browser and a strong internet connection on it. The plagiarism checker tool by Unicheck is an ideal tool that can help students in creating unique content. This is known to be the best tool for students and writers who are facing trouble in creating plagiarism free content. The best part about this plagiarism checker is that you don’t need to download it on your device plus it also provides free services.

This plagiarism checker can check your work from top to bottom and can create a detailed pdf report related to its authenticity and originality. You should also know that with this plagiarism checker tool one can also find out the cited text and can also learn how to cite and add references to the content especially that you are preparing as your research paper or thesis!

Grammarly-Plagiarism checker

You surely have heard about this tool as it is considered to be the top choice of students and writers who are learning to improve their content writing quality. Grammarly is not only a writing assistant tool, but you must also know that it has the best quality plagiarism checking features which helps students in checking their work for all kinds of duplication before submitting it to their teachers. Teachers and instructors do not commonly use this tool, but if a teacher wants to check the quality and the plagiarism status of an assignment, then he/she can easily run this program!

Grammarly can be used online after registration and can also be installed on your device if you want to. After installing Grammarly on your device, you can use it as an ad-on with Microsoft Word without any trouble. This can be very useful for students as using the tool while preparing the content can help them in creating the best quality and plagiarism free assignment. The plagiarism checking feature of this tool is among the reliable ones found on the internet!

All three of these plagiarism checker tools are best for university pupils as well as for teachers!

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