How Tall is Arcangel: Age, Biography, Net Worth, Career, & More Details

Arcangel, an enigmatic figure in the realm of American rap, singing, and songwriting, possesses a life story as intriguing as his artistry. Born Austin Agustín Santos on December 23, 1985, in the vibrant heart of New York City, his trajectory through the music scene unfolds amidst a tapestry of diverse influences that shape his craft.

Nurtured within the dynamic streets and cultural fusion of New York City, Arcangel’s formative years were steeped in a profound passion for music. His innate talent and charismatic persona didn’t go unnoticed, garnering attention from fans and industry insiders alike.

Arcangel’s melodic excursion really picked up speed during the 2000s when he started working together with laid out reggaeton craftsmen. What put him aside was his interesting combination of reggaeton, Latin snare, and hip-bounce, displaying a flexibility that recognized him from the group. With his unquestionable voice and sincerely charged verses, he quickly developed a dedicated fanbase and gained far and wide appreciation.

His story is one of development and change, an excursion from the roads of New York to the worldwide stage. Arcangel’s innovativeness keeps on enrapturing crowds, leaving a persevering through influence on the consistently advancing universe of music.

Arcangel Height:

Remaining at only 5 feet 4 inches, or around 1.62 meters, Arcangel may not be the tallest figure in front of an audience, but rather his effect on the music scene is monstrous.In the vibrant world of reggaeton and Latin music, his presence commands attention, surpassing any physical constraints.

Numbers aside, Arcangel’s talent, charm, and sheer dynamism on stage elevate him beyond mere measurements. He embodies the essence of greatness, demonstrating that true artistry transcends height. In the realm of the music industry, his influence is nothing short of extraordinary, proving that stature is no match for the power of his artistry.

Who is Arcangel?

Austin Agustín Santos, a skilled craftsman hailing from Puerto Rico, came into this world on December 23, 1985, in the midst of the enthusiastic roads of New York City. Experiencing childhood in the dynamic social blend of NYC, Austin’s melodic odyssey was significantly molded by his Dominican roots, winding around a rich embroidery of sounds and rhythms into his specialty.

From his initial years, Austin found a feeling of having a place and motivation in his legacy, drawing from the energetic music and customs of the Dominican Republic. This social bond turned into the groundwork of his imaginative character, shaping his exceptional style and inventive articulation.

Exploring the different scenes of New York City, Austin’s encounters as an original Dominican-American touched off his enthusiasm for narrating through music. His verses turned into a reflection of his childhood, mixing the crude power of hip-jump with the sincere songs of Latin music.

Through his music, Austin celebrates his heritage while forging a distinct path in the music industry. His journey stands as a tribute to the strength of cultural pride and the profound impact of embracing one’s roots in the pursuit of artistic greatness.

Archangel Biography:

Arcangel, a mysterious figure in the world of American rap, singing, and songwriting, has a life story that’s truly intriguing. Born Austin Agustín Santos on December 23, 1985, right in the heart of New York City, his path through the music scene unfolds with as much diversity as the influences that shape his art.

Growing up encompassed by the energetic roads and rich social blend of New York City, Arcangel’s initial years were saturated with a profound energy for music. His regular ability and attractive character didn’t be ignored, drawing consideration from fans and industry people the same.

Arcangel’s melodic excursion really took off during the 2000s when he began working together with laid out reggaeton craftsmen. What compelled him to stand apart was his one of a kind combination of reggaeton, Latin snare, and hip-jump, exhibiting a flexibility that put him aside from the group. With his undeniable voice and sincerely charged verses, he immediately constructed a committed fanbase and earned inescapable respect.

His story is one of development and change, an excursion from the roads of New York to the worldwide stage. Arcangel’s imaginativeness keeps on enrapturing crowds, leaving an enduring effect on the steadily impacting universe of music.

Arcangel Childhood:

Arcángel’s process started in the clamoring roads of New York City, where he was brought into the world to Dominican guardians. At 12 years old, his family took a vital action to Puerto Rico, making way for a bicultural childhood that would profoundly impact his creative way.

Raised in the midst of a rich embroidery of melodic impacts, Arcángel’s foundations were solidly established in different classes. His mom, Carmen Rosa, herself a previous individual from the famous merengue bunch Las Chicas del Can, acquainted him with the rhythms that would reverberate all through his life. However, it was the throbbing energy of exciting music, especially crafted by Puerto Rican pop stone symbol Draco Rosa, that spellbound his creative mind.

In his formative years, reggaeton wasn’t initially on Arcángel’s radar. He confessed it wasn’t his preferred genre, but its infectious beats eventually won him over, offering a platform for his expressive vocals.

As the mid 2000s unfurled, Arcángel’s appreciation for reggaeton bloomed, denoting the start of an extraordinary excursion that would see him rise as a conspicuous figure inside the class. Generally, Arcángel’s story is one of social combination and melodic development, a demonstration of the force of variety in molding creative personality.

Arcangel Wiki:

Full NameAustin Agustín Santos
Stage NameArcangel
Date of BirthDecember 23, 1985
Place of BirthNew York City, USA
Height5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters)
NationalityPuerto Rican-American
GenresReggaeton, Latin trap, Hip-hop
Years Active2000s – present
SpouseAlejandra Pascual (m. 2019)
ChildrenAustin Alejandro, Angélica Lucero, Arístides René
Net Worth$10 million
Notable Hits“Pa’ Que la Pases Bien”, “Me Prefieres a Mi”, “Flow Violento”, “50 Sombras de Austin”, “Tengo Tantas Ganas”
CollaborationsDaddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, J Balvin, De La Ghetto, Ñengo Flow, Ozuna, Farruko, Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, among others
AwardsLatin Grammy nominations, Billboard Latin Music Awards, Premios Juventud, Premios Lo Nuestro, among others
BusinessFounder of “Los Favoritos” clothing brand
Legal IssuesArrested for domestic violence in 2018, apologized publicly and addressed the issue. Excluded from performing at the Latin Billboard Awards in 2019 due to sexist remarks made during an Instagram Live session.

Arcangel Age:

Arcángel, the vocalist lyricist and rapper, hails from the dynamic roads of New York City, where he was brought into the world on December 23, 1985. Presently at 37 years old, he keeps on enrapturing crowds with his unmistakable style and hypnotizing exhibitions. With his foundations profoundly implanted in the music business, Arcángel has caused disturbances with his remarkable mix of ability and allure.

Arcangel Personal life:

Arcangel’s life is like a rich tapestry, woven with threads of diverse experiences that paint a picture of a man balancing his roles as a musician, a family man, and a devout Christian. His journey is marked by the joys of fatherhood, having three children—Austin Alejandro, Angélica Lucero, and Arístides René—from different relationships. In 2019, he took a significant step in his personal life by marrying model Alejandra Pascual, adding new dimensions to his story.

However, in the midst of his confidence and family responsibilities, Arcangel has likewise confronted his reasonable portion of difficulties and contentions. In 2018, he wound up caught in legitimate difficulties in the wake of being captured for abusive behavior at home against his then-sweetheart, Claudia Pérez. However he was delivered on bail, he decided to stand up to the issue head-on, freely saying ‘sorry’ and getting a sense of ownership with his activities.

The following year brought another setback when Arcangel was barred from performing at the Latin Billboard Awards due to sexist remarks made during an Instagram Live session. Once again, he faced the spotlight with humility, expressing remorse and explaining the personal struggles he was going through at the time.

Arcangel’s journey through fame reflects the complexities of human existence, encompassing both triumphs and trials.In spite of his imperfections and stumbles, he moves toward existence with a feeling of modesty, continuously taking a stab at self-improvement and recovery. His story fills in as an update that even in the midst of distinction and achievement, we are completely defective people on an excursion of self-revelation.

Arcangel Family:

Arcángel’s heritage is a vibrant tapestry woven from the Dominican and Puerto Rican cultures. His mother, Carmen Rosa, brings the warmth of the Dominican Republic, while his father adds the rhythm of Puerto Rico. Their family story is rich with music, especially through Carmen Rosa’s fame in the 80s and 90s as part of the celebrated all-female group, Las Chicas del Can.

At the core of their family lies Arcángel, the oldest kin, who imparts his life’s process to his two kin. Their bond is strong, and together they typify a mix of impacts that shape Arcángel’s remarkable character in the music world. From the chuckling filled long periods of young life to the difficulties of adulthood, their common encounters structure the groundwork of Arcángel’s creative articulation, making his music an impression of his different roots and profound familial associations.

Arcangel Career Timeline:

Arcangel’s excursion in the music business has been a wild ride, loaded with exciting bends in the road, yet his assurance has consistently radiated through. Regardless of confronting various deterrents, he’s figured out how to dominate the competition endlessly time once more, creating many hits and teaming up with the absolute greatest names in the business. Through everything, he’s established his place as a genuine symbol in the music world.

Be that as it may, Arcangel is something other than an entertainer; he’s likewise profoundly engaged with the innovative flow, displaying his flexibility and influencing the consistently developing music scene. His story is one of flexibility, inventiveness, and the immovable quest for his fantasies. It’s an update that with difficult work and enthusiasm, the sky is the limit.

Arcangel Professional Career:

Arcangel, the capable American rapper, vocalist, and lyricist, has been causing disturbances in the music scene for more than decade, making a permanent imprint on fans around the world. His process has been loaded up with flexibility and development, solidly laying him out as a force to be reckoned with in both reggaeton and Latin snare.

Arcangel’s melodic odyssey started during the 2000s when he began teaming up with laid out figures in the reggaeton type. It was his breakout hit, “Dad’ Que La Pases Bien,” that genuinely sent him into the spotlight, displaying his unmistakable mix of reggaeton and hip-bounce impacts. This track set Arcangel up for life as well as made way for his fleeting ascent to fame.

Throughout the long term, Arcangel has dropped various effective collections and singles, collaborating with symbols like Daddy Yankee, De La Ghetto, and Wisin and Yandel. His music easily consolidates irresistible tunes, significant snares, and significant verses, inspiring an emotional response from a different crowd. Every melody, joint effort, and section in Arcangel’s collection adds to the rich embroidery of his creativity, setting his status as a loved and persuasive power in the consistently developing universe of music.

Arcangel Net Worth:

Arcangel’s total assets of $10 million is a demonstration of his mind blowing achievement, in music as well as in the realm of business. He’s a skilled performer and maker as well as a sharp business person who’s fabricated a flourishing realm.

His financial prosperity isn’t solely from album sales and concerts. He’s smartly diversified his income by collaborating with others, landing endorsements, and creating the popular “Los Favoritos” clothing brand. This shows his keen ability to seize opportunities and make wise business moves.

Arcangel’s monetary excursion says a lot about his assurance and strength in an industry known for its merciless contest. It demonstrates he’s a performer as well as a clever business visionary who knows how to explore the intricacies of the music business.

His prosperity isn’t restricted to music; it stretches out into the business world, exhibiting his adaptability and sharp business mind. Arcangel’s achievements feature his impact and effect, demonstrating that he’s a star in front of an audience as well as in the meeting room.

Arcangel Partnerships and Milestones:

All through his profession, Arcangel has had the joy of collaborating with the absolute greatest names in the music business, exhibiting his versatility and ability for mixing his remarkable style with others. Coordinated efforts with symbols like Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, and J Balvin have expanded Arcangel’s melodic skylines as well as prompted diagram beating hits, solidifying his status as a pioneer in the field.

His various honors, including Announcement Latin Music Grants and designations for the Latin Grammy Grants, say a lot about his commitment to Latin music. These honors stand as a demonstration of his noteworthy ability and evident impact on the reggaeton and Latin music scenes.

Arcangel’s singular brightness radiates through, yet it’s his capacity to flawlessly team up with a different scope of craftsmen that really separates him. This cooperative soul play had a critical impact in supporting his prosperity and cementing his standing as a regarded craftsman with a worldwide fanbase.

Archangel Nationality:

Arcángel, the gifted vocalist, lyricist and rapper hailing from Puerto Rico, has cut out an eminent spot in the music business with his uncommon abilities. His Puerto Rican roots and American legacy have profoundly impacted his professional direction.

Being gladly Puerto Rican and American, Arcángel easily imbues his music with a dynamic blend of Latin and Caribbean flavors, charming crowds all over the planet. His tunes reverberate with a novel mix that mirrors the extravagance and variety of both Puerto Rican and American melodic practices.

Arcángel’s identity as a Puerto Rican artist not only shapes his artistry but also serves as a powerful representation of cultural fusion and diversity in the music world. With each song, he continues to assert his influence and solidify his position as a prominent figure in the global music scene.


Arcangel, conceived by Austin Agustín Santos in New York City on December 23, 1985, is a conspicuous figure in the American rap, singing, and songwriting scene. His vocation traverses various kinds, including reggaeton, Latin snare, and hip-bounce. Notwithstanding remaining at 5 feet 4 inches tall, his effect on the music business is huge. Arcangel’s excursion from the roads of New York to the worldwide stage is set apart by his one of a kind mix of ability, moxy, and social impacts. He has confronted the two triumphs and difficulties, including lawful issues and discussions, yet keeps on enthralling crowds with his imagination and imaginativeness.


What is Arcangel’s real name?

Arcangel’s real name is Austin Agustín Santos.

When and where was Arcangel born?

Arcangel was born on December 23, 1985, in New York City, USA.

What is Arcangel’s height?

Arcangel stands at 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters) tall.

What is Arcangel’s nationality?

Arcangel is Puerto Rican-American.

What genres of music does Arcangel perform?

Arcangel performs reggaeton, Latin trap, and hip-hop music.

Does Arcangel have any children?

Yes, Arcangel has three children: Austin Alejandro, Angélica Lucero, and Arístides René.

What is Arcangel’s net worth?

Arcangel’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Has Arcangel faced any legal issues?

Yes, Arcangel was arrested for domestic violence in 2018. He publicly apologized and addressed the issue.

What notable collaborations has Arcangel been involved in?

Arcangel has collaborated with artists such as Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, J Balvin, De La Ghetto, Ñengo Flow, Ozuna, Farruko, Bad Bunny, and Anuel AA, among others.

What business ventures is Arcangel involved in?

Arcangel is the founder of the “Los Favoritos” clothing brand.

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